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Group members and international collaborators

Josef Fidler Dipl.Ing. Dr., Professor                                      Curriculum Vitae
Head of Advanced Magnetism Working Group
josef.fidler (at) tuwien.ac.at

Ahmad Asali MSc., Research Assistant
Gregor Alexander Zickler MSc., Research Assistant
Harald Huber  BSc., Research Assistant
Julia Toifl BSc., Research Assistant
Carmen Farr Project student
Lukas Fenninger Project student
Anna Klampfer Project student
Duc Phan
Project student
Maciej Hajduga Research Guest Professor

Josef Fidler
Josef Fidler
Head of Research Group

Ahmad Asali
"DFT calculations of REPM´s"

Gregor Alexander Zickler
"TEM/STEM and micromagnetic study of REPM´s"

Harald Huber
"TEM and micromagnetic study of non-REPM´s"

Julia Toifl
"TEM and micromagnetic study of magnetic nanoparticles"

Carmen Farr
"TEM study of melt-spun Nd-Fe-B magnets"

Lukas Fenninger
"TEM study of strip cast Nd-Fe-B alloys"

Anna Klampfer
"TEM study of high energy density Nd-Fe-B magnets"

Duc Phan
"TEM study of  MQ ribbons"

Maciej Hajduga
"Sintering of high performance magnets"

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