Ultrafast switching of magnetic nanoelements using a rotating field

J. Fidler, T. Schrefl, V. D. Tsiantos, W. Scholz, D. Suess, and H. Forster

Journal of Applied Physics -- May 15, 2002 -- Volume 91, Issue 10, pp. 7974-7976

Nanostructured granular Ni80Fe20 and Co films are studied using a 3D hybrid finite element/boundary element model. Switching dynamics are calculated for external fields applied unidirectional after a rise time of 0.1 ns and for a 10 GHz rotational field with a field strength of Hext = 0.2 Js/µ0 (160 kA/m for NiFe and 280 kA/m for Co). The transient magnetization patterns show that reversal in the unidirectional field proceeds by the nucleation and propagation of end domains towards the center of the element. The switching time strongly depends on the Gilbert damping parameter alpha. Materials with uniaxial anisotropy (Co), require larger field, but exhibit shorter switching times. Reversal in rotational fields involves inhomogeneous rotation of the end domains towards the rotational field direction leading to partial flux-closure structures. Shorter switching times are obtained by the application of the 10 GHz rotational field (tsw = 0.05 ns). Precessional oscillation effects after abruptly switching off the external field which occurred in the NiFe square element, were suppressed in the granular Co film. Reducing the field to zero slowly inhibits the high frequency excitations in NiFe.

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