Melt-spun Sm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)z magnets for high temperature applications

Panagiotopoulos, T.Matthias, D. Niarchos, J.Fidler

J.M.M.M. (2001) submitted to JEMS'01 Conf. Grenoble Aug. 2001, paper J-024.

The magnetic properties of rapidly quenched Sm(Co0.74Fe0.10Cu0.12Zr0.04)8 ribbons in the as-spun and after an one-step heat treatment process are examined in view of their use as high temperature permanent magnets. High coercivity can be obtained even in the as-spun material while homogeneity, coercivity and its temperature coefficients are improved by a annealing at 750 oC. The magnetization reversal does not show a clear pinning-type profile.

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