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  1. J. Fidler; H. Kronmüller
    "Nucleation and pinning of magnetic domains at Co7Sm2 precipitates in Co5Sm crystals"
    Physica-Status-Solidi-A. vol.56, no.2; 16 Dec. 1979; p.545-56
    [ Abstract]
    By means of the magneto-optical Kerr effect the dependence on the applied magnetic field of the domain configuration in Co5Sm-crystals is investigated. The observed change of the domain structure is interpreted in terms of a micromagnetic theory for the magnetization curve of uniaxial single crystals. The displacement of domain walls took place at an initial field of 265 Oe which is interpreted as the intrinsic coercive field due to the Peierls potential and randomly distributed lattice defects. The density of the interaction energy per extension of the wall is determined to be E0 square root rho /L=30 erg/cm4 in the case of a rigid wall. The nucleation of reversed domains is observed in the phase boundary between precipitate and matrix. Furthermore precipitates in grain boundaries are found to act as sources of nucleation centres. These results are interpreted by the nucleation of reversed domains in regions of low crystal anisotropy or of irregular precipitate-surface.


  1. J. Fidler; P. Skalicky
    "Electron microscopy of the magnetic material SmCo5"
    Electron Microscopy 1978. Ninth International Congress on Electron Microscopy. Microscopical Soc. Canada, Toronto, Ont., Canada; 1978; xxxii+684 p.470-1
    [ Abstract]
    The magnetic material SmCo5 has attracted considerable interest for the use in permanent magnets. Microscopic investigations should provide information on the interaction of crystal defects and precipitates with the magnetic domain structure and thus about the special magnetic properties of this material. Electron microscopy revealed growth-dislocations, stacking-faults and Sm2Co17 precipitates, the density of defects being very low. The material has a very low magnetic anisotropy but a relative low elastic anisotropy characterized by Acomp=0.67 and Ashear=1.03. The low anisotropy makes it possible to determine Burgers vectors of dislocations with the help of the invisibility criterion g.b=0 under two-beam conditions.

  2. J. Fidler; P. Skalicky
    "TEM investigation of grown-in dislocations and stacking faults in SmCo5 single crystals"
    Physica-Status-Solidi-A. vol.50, no.1; 16 Nov. 1978; p.73-81
    [ Abstract]
    TEM investigations of SmCo5 single crystals grown from the melt revealed with respect to lattice defects a and c+a dislocations, and stacking faults lying predominantly on the basal plane and on the (1121)-pyramidal planes. This alloy is important as a hard-magnetic material. From the separation of the dislocations a low stacking fault energy is concluded.


  1. J. Fidler; H. Kirchmary; P. Skalicky
    "Improvement of magnetic domain contrast of SmCo5 in the SE-mode of a scanning electron microscope"
    Philosophical-Magazine. vol.35, no.4; 1977; p.1125-31
    [ Abstract]
    By means of a diaphragm in front of the detector, the SE-contrast of magnetic domains observed in a SEM has been improved and a resolution of 0.17 G. cm obtained. Investigations on SmCo5 show that the contrast can be improved by increasing the acceleration voltage and tilting the specimen.

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