Magnetostatic spin waves in nanoelements

J Fidler, T Schrefl, W Scholz, D Suess, VD Tsiantos, R Dittrich, M Kirschner
Physica B 343 (2004) 200-205

The relaxation of magnetostatic, spin waves in a square NiFe nano-element (100 x 100 x 20 nm(3)) has been simulated by micromagnetic finite element modeling after the excitation by a rotational field of mu(0)H = 0.2 T with various frequencies between 1 and 16 GHz. The micromagnetic simulations are based on the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation of motion with a Gilbert damping parameter alpha = 0.02. The relaxation after switching off the external field led to a damped oscillation of the magnetization, which is related to changes of the exchange and magnetostatic field energies of the system. Finally, depending on the frequency of the rotating field "C-" and "S-" domain configurations were observed after approximately Wits. The different inhomogeneous magnetostatic and exchange field strength values inside the square for the "C-" and "S-" state lead to different frequencies of the magnetostatic spin-wave modes, such as about 4.5 GHz for the C-state and 3 GHz for the S-state, respectively.

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