Micromagnetic simulation of magnetization reversal in small particles with surface anisotropy

W Scholz, D Suess, T Schrefl, J Fidler
J Appl Phys 95 (2004) 6807-6809

In order to study the effect of surface anisotropy, we have developed a three-dimensional finite element micromagnetic model. The finite element mesh of the particles is split into a core region with bulk properties and a surface region (shell) of variable thickness with modified material parameters. We have studied the magnetization reversal in FePt nanoparticles. The effect of surface anisotropy strongly reduces their coercivity. An Fe-oxide shell with low anisotropy in the plane of the surface has been considered as well as surface anisotropy with high anisotropy constants and axis orientation perpendicular to the surface.

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