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Advanced Magnetism Group
(Micromagnetics & Magnetic Materials)
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This is the homepage of the research group of

Univ. Prof. Dr. Josef Fidler

       Institute of Solid State Physics / E138
   Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10,    A-1040 Wien, Austria

   tel :  +43-1-58801 / 13714 or 13729
   fax :    +43-1-58801 / 13899                
   e-mail :     josef.fidler (at) tuwien.ac.at

We are a research group at the Vienna University of Technology concentrating on the development of new magnetic materials and to solve numerical micromagnetic problems. Experimental facilities include powdermetallurgical, magnetic characterisation and electron microscopy laboratories.

webmaster: josef.fidler (at) tuwien.ac.at
March  2016.